1031 Exchange and the Orlando, Florida Real Estate Market

1031 Exchange and the Orlando, Florida Real Estate Market

admin June 11, 2019

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Long thought of as the retirement capital of the United States, Florida is reinventing itself as the new national destination for real estate investment. According to a February 2018 Forbes article, “Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest in Housing in 2018”  by Samantha Sharf, Orlando is ranked first in the country for value in real estate investment. Sharf and the team at Forbes highlight Orlando’s 7.1% job growth over the last two years as well as the 7.6% population growth over the past three years  as strong factors in addition to their Local Market Monitor’s speculation that the prices of homes in Orlando could increase another 35% by 2021. With Orlando’s average home value still sitting roughly 22% below the national average, the opportunity for first-time and long-time investors to build or expand their portfolio has never been better.

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